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Don't Be a Victim at College - Things Young Women Need to Know and Do

Written By Unknown on Monday, January 16, 2012 | 1:29 PM

Is this your first time away from home? First time going to live in a college dorm? There are a few things you must keep in mind, prepare for and you must accomplish before you are ready to live that college life.

How should you prepare? Here are some very important tips to remember, complete and have in hand.

    Do you have a roommate? You should contact your roommate before you head to the dorm. You want to understand your new roommate's safety concerns, ideas for a safe living environment and all around campus security.
    Make sure the door to your residence hall remains locked at all times. You wouldn't just leave the front door to your house open, would you?
    Lock your dorm room at all times. When you are in your room and when you are away, keep your door in the locked position. You need to make sure your roommate agrees with this security measure. I am sure once you explain that locking your door keeps the bad people and rapists away, your roommate will agree. Most rapes happen by people you know and happen mostly on the weekends.
    Never let anyone you don't know in your residence hall, this includes the pizza delivery person. Not letting someone in doesn't make you look like a jerk. It makes you look like a good neighbor and if the person is supposed to be in your hall, they'll be grateful for it. The pizza delivery person can meet their customer at the residence door.
    Keep your keys safe. Be sure to stow your keys in a safe place at all times. This includes your car keys.
    Lock your car door at all times. Like your dorm room, keep your car locked. Keep it lock when you are in it and when you are not. You do not want to be driving and get jumped by someone hiding in the back seat.
    Carry Pepper Spray, Mace, a Stun Gun or Taser. Pepper spray is easy to carry. There are many different styles to choice from. A lip stick spray resembles lip stick you would carry in your purse. A Mace Pepper Spray gun is a bit bigger but to see it is intimidating in itself. This too can be easily carried in your purse.
    Use a personal alarm. Personal alarms are easy to carry on your belt, in your purse, on a wrist strap and have different functions. You can buy types that have flash lights, 130 Db sirens and can hang on your dorm room door handle and act as an intrusion alarm.

You need to know the lay of the land at college. (1)Know your roommate; (2) Understand the schools' assault record; (3) Carry pepper spray, Mace, a stun gun, a Taser and be sure to have a personal alarm with you at all times. You cannot be too careful or over causeous. You are in school to learn and enjoy yourself.

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