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Why Vintage Fashion Is So Popular Today

Written By Unknown on Thursday, February 16, 2012 | 1:49 PM

In modern times, vintage fashion has gained more popularity, since it nostalgically reflects the lifestyle of a golden era that started in the "Roaring Twenties" and lasted up to the late sixties. This was a new trend-setting time when fashion took on completely new traits, beginning largely in the leading metropolitan centers, like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans, before rapidly spreading to other cosmopolitan cities like Paris, London and Berlin; during a period that showed sustained economic growth and prosperity.

The phrase 'Roaring Twenties' was meant to portray the cultural, artistic, and social dynamism of the period. As 'normalcy' gradually returned to the political upheavals in wake of the First World War, jazz music began to blossom, modern womanhood was redefined by the flapper, Art Deco touched new heights. The flourishing era was partially disrupted by the Wall Street Crash, when effects of the 'Great Depression' began to take hold. Moreover, this era was set apart by new discoveries and inventions of far-reaching significance; extraordinary industrial expansion; accelerated aspirations and consumer demand; as well as major cultural and lifestyle changes.

The 20s is similarly termed as the pivotal decade in that fashion entered into modern times. This was a time when women and girls first began to abandon the constricting fashions from the past and started to wear clothes which were more comfortable, such as girls ivory lace dress, pretty dresses, champagne cotton dresses, and lace mini dress. In a similar manner, men as well as boys abandoned the highly formal everyday attire in exchange for boys grey suit, charcoal suit, beige suit, 3 piece waistcoat suit, casual suit, youth suits, and clothing suits. For the main part, though their hats show different traits, suits worn by men today are again based on the ones worn by somber gentlemen in the late twenties. Overall, the twenties can be categorized into two distinct fashion periods. In earlier part of that decade, the change was relatively slow since people were somewhat reluctant in spontaneously embracing the new fashion styles, while by mid-twenties many passionately adopted the styles that were associated with the times.

The inner spirit of vintage fashion is marked by a discontinuity feeling associated with a break from traditions or modernity. Everything now appears feasible through adaptation of modern technology. Ever new technologies, innovatively employed in fashion designing, now help to proliferate 'modernity' to wider segment of the population globally. Decorative frills have been shed in exchange for practicality in daily life, compared to earlier fashion trends and moods.

As far as future of vintage fashion is concerned, good quality has the habit of always becoming the norm. Once this occurs, poor quality products will eventually be looked upon as collectible novelties. To find a true vintage fashion product, which though cheaply made has not fallen to pieces, will still be a real scarcity; hence, considered a valuable piece in time to come. Today, some obstinate collectors go as far as even searching for paper dresses belonging to the sixties.

Asif Lone is a Diploma holder in Hotel Management & Business Administration (Staatlich geprüften Betriebswirt für das Hotel- und Gaststättengewerbe) from Berlin, Germany. His articles and blogs on fashion, beauty, health, HR related topics, debt consolidation and other current issues are keenly followed on Twitter, Facebook and several forums.

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