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What You Should Know About Natural Contraception Methods

Written By Unknown on Monday, February 20, 2012 | 1:52 PM

I know, when I was in my teens and I had started seeing my first boyfriend, it was perfectly normal for my mom to straight away recommend I take the pill. It was after all a great form of protection, so that I wouldn't become a teenage mom!

Unfortunately, the pill has incredible side-effects on the body, not just on a short-term basis but a long-term basis. Many fertility related diseases are now finding a common link to the Contraceptive Pill and various forms of synthetic hormone based contraception methods.

What you may not know is that there are perfectly natural ways of determining your fertile days in the month, which don't involve injecting or altering your natural hormonal balance.

You actually only have about 7 days in your cycle where you are able to fall pregnant. These days are called your days of Ovulation.

You can determine if you are ovulating by measuring your bodies temperature as it is always slightly elevated during those days. There are now new devices, which can accurately determine if you are ovulating. The Lady Comp is one of the most popular brands. By knowing when you are fertile, you can then determine if you want to abstain from sex completely during those few days or if you want to use a condom or diaphragm, which prevents you from getting pregnant, should you wish to have sex during those days.

I find it frustrating that we have become so reliant on pills and hormonal treatments as a form of contraception. These synthetic hormones are not supposed to reside in our bodies and create so many imbalances, which many women have to deal with for many, many years afterwards.

Falling pregnant at a young age is not convenient and doesn't make sense but pumping teenagers with synthetic drugs, during their growing years is also incredibly short sighted.

What many people don't realise is that there are perfectly natural ways of going about contraception. Just knowing and recognising when we are ovulating is the first step to not just preventing pregnancy but also realising when other imbalances are occurring in our bodies.

We deserve to be fertile well into our 40's and I personally believe that using synthetic contraception is merely causing imbalances to prevent this opportunity for many women.

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