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Beauty Is Random

Written By Unknown on Thursday, March 15, 2012 | 2:13 PM

I have something to share with my brother's and sister's around the world. We as human beings have been embracing physical beauty, from the beginning of civilization. From birth to death we are told how we look like, again and again, by thousands if not millions of people. Ever since we are little, mommies and daddies wanted us to look good, ever since we were kids. In another sense, beauty is the talk of all civilizations, meaning- everyone wants to be beautiful.

Well, did you?

Did you or anyone else ask for that facial structure of yours or can you change it at will?

Let me put it this way, think of the many people you have seen up until now. You may have thought the many of them as, 'hot', or ugly and thus as such making it a habit, in time dividing all the handsome one's into the good people and the ugly and terrifying one's as evil or the bad kind, somewhere deep in our minds.

Never stop questioning

When people are born, does one even ask for the face one would come to have? Did you ask for your facial structure? If your face looks so "good" or "evil" does it make you exactly so? When a person's face is completely marred, does hers or his personality immediately change to something like presumably "evil"?

When a person does bad, is there any devious facial change? Or is it that, when a person is being good his face changes to being so angelic?

Sometimes, people got to the extreme length of judging that complete stranger, a rapist.

How dare you judge a person by appearance alone?

When you judge, ask yourselves:

1) Have you spoken to this person at all, to making sure of being worthy of your "judgment"?

2) Have you ever seen he/she commit a crime anywhere?

3) Ask yourself "by what means am I judging that complete stranger and what proof do I have to claim that he/she is anywhere near bad?"

What we've been doing

Due to The urge to know the good from the bad, we mislead ourselves into judging the face's of people, which shouldn't be depended upon to judge the good from the bad.

This is a different kind of prejudice, letting innocent ones burn.


Please give absolute neutrality, no matter how people look like, at least from here on. It's what people are in the inside that matter's. The face is just identity. Even time doesn't want that beautiful face to be permanent.if you want it to be permanent, then you are valuing yourselves for the wrong reasons. Who we are and what we do is what we should value. The demon may only lie within.

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