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How to Find Venues For Your Wedding

Written By Unknown on Sunday, May 27, 2012 | 8:59 PM

Your Decorative Budget

Many people choose inexpensive venues in order to cut cost. However, you may want to consider how much money it might take to spruce up the event space. For instance an event hall might cost you only $1k, however the walls are drab and the floor might be hideous. While an other event hall might cost you $2500 however the room's own decorative elements enhance the space. If the room is semi formal you might end up spending less on decorations.


Some venues offer you a low price but you are just getting the event space only. However when you compare the extras included in their rental fee, you are spending more. For instance, in your search you might find that one venue offers $4000 for the venue space, however, the there is a rental fee for chairs and tables. Sometimes people need to consider that hotels often have set ups especially designed for weddings. These set up includes table and chair decorations.


Though some spaces boast about size and parking, you might want to take a special look into the logistics. If your event is on a weekend and the venue has several events going on at the same time, you might need to inquire about parking capacities. Also you need to know how accessible the parking lot might be for handicap persons. Its good to know if the parking lot is secured or will security be an additional expense.

Food and Beverage

Many venues have a list of preferred vendors. Make sure you contact these vendors to for pricing information. Then compare these totals with others. Instead of plated meals, it might be cost effective to do buffet style dinners. Find out

if they are offering any deals or specials. Also if you are seeking caterers, check out their foods as well. Inquire about venues they suggest and see if they could cut you a deal for selecting one of the venues they are in contract with.

This is a very clever tactic!

Audio Visual

You or your event planner need to physically go to the venue to check out the audio visual equipment. Some venues require a certified technician to work the equipment. Once the venue is selected a trial run with the technician is a necessary must. Don't assume that if the venue states they have audio visual accommodations, that it is included in the package pricing. Inquire about the equipment and make sure that your request can be accommodated by the venue.

Some venues charge hundreds of dollars for using their a/v equipment. You might come out considerably cheaper by bring your own equipment or renting from an outside source.

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