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A Guide To A New Wardrobe Of Womens Clothing

Written By Unknown on Friday, February 3, 2012 | 1:44 PM

So you are one of those sick of the womens clothing representing the old you, and you are looking to make a clean break with your old self; the future is looking shining bright and you want to wear the top to bottom items that will let that shine through. You have seen those old rags hanging there, taking up an unnecessary amount of closet space, and this space you now fill the need to see vibrating with new life.

The Fundamentals

Taking it one slow step at a time, redecorating your whole wardrobe do take some planning and some well-thought out strategies, so the best way to get going is to start with the basics, such as t-shirts. Taking into account that you most likely are on a budget, and you have a long shopping way to go before you have completed your mission, t-shirts are an area were it is okay to cut some corners.

Since this is an item with a skin-tight mission so to speak, you will have to wash t-shirts more often, leading to them having a shorter staying power. They are a wear and tear item and you should not start building your new wardrobe on expensive t-shirts with a limited amount of shelf-life.

Jeans, on the other hand, is the foundation of any modern woman's wardrobe, with the versatility of areas where they can be used and, if carefully picked, strong staying power, a couple of nice jeans would be sufficient to carry you through all types of situations. You put them on as your about to go out and do a little gardening, as well as when you are about to go out and have a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Jeans will take you a long way.

The Next Step

Tights are fine, they are useful in the mix and matching of your style, but do not spend a fortune on one pair of luxurious tights when cheaper ones can be as durable and beautiful as the more exclusive ones. Remember to save your money for the things that truly will make you stand out, and if you want your tights to do that, you do not have to get them labelled with a posh brand.

The Bra is a vital ingredient in your overall appearance, so in this department you should definitely treat yourself to some fine garments. Even though they are worn underneath your clothes, for the most part, they will make a big impact on your physical look as well as a boost to your confidence.

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