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The Beauty That Lies Within

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 | 1:47 PM

The meaning of beautiful has indeed been stereotyped through the influence of media, and we may forget our own personal definition of beauty. The essence of being beautiful is being happy, healthy, and confident. Being happy is to want, what you have and being content with your blessings. Looking healthy is having good skin, learning how to manage stress and having a healthy diet with exercise. Lastly, the key is to find and embrace your own personal beauty with confidence.

Beauty lies in strength and peace. Not everyone is born beautiful but it's what you do, with what you have that matters. It means you must be at peace with yourself and everything around you, have the strength to look in the mirror and like what you see, and the courage to love the little faults you notice but can't change. You work your way from the inside out because what you feel and do on the inside level will always show on the surface. Beautiful is finding perfection in the imperfection. It is in the flaws that you find a person more interesting to look at.

Beautiful means so many things depending on the context. When you think of true beauty, it is usually associated with confidence and happiness. When someone radiates beauty, they are letting others know they are sure of themselves, comfortable with their appearance and truly happy inside and out. But the materialistic (and realistic) side of you also thinks of beauty as something you see rather than you feel.

Exotic women exude a certain degree of beauty that the average women does not. Women who break the mold and defy what society deems "pretty" are beautiful. Beautiful does mean perfection, a size zero or blonde hair with blue eyes, however a beautiful woman knows survival tactics on how to take care of herself and has a certain pride about her body and attire.

People are drawn to beauty, they want to look at it, admire it and touch it. Fate has been very kind to a beautiful woman and it can definitely help in life to be beautiful. In reality, people judge you on how you look, whether we like it or not. But how you feel inside encompasses your outside appearance, because true beauty from within never ages. Learning to adapt little changes in life could be your best survival techniques to staying beautiful and smart all the time.

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